Chicken Minestrone Soup

I promise I'm working on the much anticipated allegory and will return to my prickly, opinionated self shortly. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, here's a recipe for Chicken Minestrone Soup to keep you warm. (Seems most of my reader's also enjoy my recipes, artwork, advice, etc., so I've decided to start posting [...]

The Skies Fell Silent

By M. Jane Letty 1000 words/9-11 minute read, plus links/images 8:45am September 11, 2001 That morning, after clearing breakfast dishes of scrambled eggs, bacon, and “happy bear” toast, (toast with butter and honey), tying little shoes and no need for a jacket because it was sunny and warm, down the street we went, walking and [...]

Caste In Bone

By M. Jane Letty 1200 words/8 minute read “All Animals Are Equal. But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others” ~ Animal Farm by George Orwell This essay is from an old sociology assignment, asking the question: How do slavery, caste, and class systems of social stratification differ? What makes all three different, also makes [...]

Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

M. Jane Letty 3500 words/8 minute read The following is a copy of a presentation given by my (late) Great Aunt Floria, who was a school psychologist and later a professor of psychology at UC Berkeley during the 70s and 80s, retiring early/mid 90s. Current events with regard to the psychological effect on children, today, [...]

The Not So Secret Secrets to a Happy Marriage

By M. Jane Letty 700 words/3 minute read What's the secret to a happy marriage? The simple answer is there is no secret. It's no secret when two people greet every joy as though expected and meet every challenge as a storm that will pass...if you let them. It's no secret that dancing in the [...]

Johnny’s Appleseed

By M. Jane Letty NJEA put out a statement May 28, 2020. My response, below their remarks. NJEA: “Like so many Americans, we have experienced waves of emotion this week following the brutal murder of yet another African-American man, George Floyd. It is impossible to see the video of him being strangled under the knee [...]

American DREAMcatcher

By M. Jane Letty “What is more disorienting to one’s security than a crisis? What crisis could they roll out that would get them to agree to endure hardships while also keeping them at bay to buy enough time to insulate themselves from the masses?” ~M. Jane Letty, Essayist We’ve been here before with former [...]

Invisible Snitches

All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force. ~George Orwell M. Jane Letty/Media Ferret:3 minute read Feature Article/Non-Fiction/Current Events Originally, I’d drafted a piece to highlight the message of hope NYC must’ve felt at the sight of the USNS Comfort rolling into port in [...]

A Spiritual Apex

M. Jane Letty: Narrative Essay: 8 minute read Forgive me, I haven’t posted for months. Like many writer’s, I’m never satisfied with my work and will sit on something while starting something else until I circle back and find I’ve run out of excuses not to set it free. The following is such a piece, [...]

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