Bone of Contention

By M. Jane Letty

Political Commentary/1776 words * 4-minute read

If you’ve not had an opportunity to read How Trump voters formed an ugly—and accurate—view of America’s ruling regime by @MartyrMade, featured by The American Mind, a publication of The Clairmont Institute, under the title The Disillusionment of the Deplorables, please do so at your convenience. I do hope you’ll come back to fully appreciate what I’m about to say.

I absolutely love the way the structure of our government’s corruption is laid out. It’s very concise and cuts to the main bone of contention not only for supporters of President Trump, but the majority of Americans who’ve witnessed the brutal train-assault of our American culture, our traditional values, and our Republic for which it still stands, one nation, under God, (now) disgracefully divided, stripped of its liberty and justice denied, but certainly not for all.

Mostly it’s the title that I found troubling enough to speak up, knowing, (not guessing) that’s as far as too many will read and form their opinion based solely on the title. I find it, (unintentionally) does us no favors. Again, I’m not criticizing the author or the article itself. In fact, it’s perfect. I’d been hoping for something to move me enough to inspire a response to all that’s been done to us at the hands of a pathetic, but very vicious few. And they are only a few. It may seem like many, but that’s the true illusion.

Let me explain.

First, the word disillusionment. While I think the word fits nicely, it falls short while also feeding into the belief we were ever under any illusion. Oh sure, there were some cliques who tapped into the energy and some who absolutely exploited many who were, from 2009-2016, starved for oxygen of the freedom of being patriotic or even happy to be able to get by on the scraps left after taxes without that Left boot on our necks. Many of us, myself included, were pleasantly shocked to wake up to learn that Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election. And many of us, myself included, know he also won the 2020 Presidential election, stolen from not only him but from all of us by frauds, hustlers, and swindlers, also known as politicians. I’d use the term corrupt politicians, but that’s an oxymoron.

That is a big deal. A very big deal. I would argue, the true disillusionment was when he won 2016 and all the amazing things he made happen, even against the current of the DC Swamp. Many were under the illusion it would never happen and then, couldn’t be done.

But it did happen and was done. We were “Winning! Winning! Winning!

Some may have inhaled, others got high on the secondhand smoke, or hooked for life, but we were all enjoying the ‘hopium’ in some capacity. And, why the hell not? It was—and for some still is—good stuff, man! What’s wrong with loving one’s own country and wanting it to thrive? Nothing. There’s nothing wrong with that, and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. Ever. I don’t see why anyone would want to ever come down from the heights of seeing our country revived through a roaring economy, strongest GDP and stock market—ever, historical job market, historically low unemployment, just to mention a few great things that happened in one term, against all odds and with nothing but the weight of “resistance”. We were once again respected nationally and internationally, feared by hostile nations, we were stronger than ever and all that’s left, now, are the ruins the Marxist Democrats and radical Leftists have created below. (The link to the article about ‘hopium’ is not in any way an endorsement by me, but worth reading.)

Let’s look at some of the ruins, below.

We were—and continue to be—lied to and about, gaslit, abused, maligned, ostracized, dehumanized, and subjugated of our basic human needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy and our rights as citizens of America afforded to us by our US Constitution, defended by the lives and blood of our military. To say we were disillusioned is to say we had some unattainable notion we were a free nation, governed by the rule of law, or some irrational expectation of justice being exacted upon those who so blatantly flouted those very beliefs. While there may not be a reckoning-as-advertised, there will be retribution. If anyone will be disillusioned, it will be those who are under the illusion we—the American people, who’ve been through eight years of Obama-oppression and the radical Left’s egg-hatching insanity—live and abide by the rules of the DC election cycle.

We do not. We will not.

We have been betrayed by our government as well as the other traitors who work at the very institutions designed to protect us from treason and tyranny. We always knew they would betray us; it was just a matter of when. These are the people who seem to be under the illusion they don’t work for us or that we don’t pay their salaries, and by those who skillfully convinced us they were on our side, but we are not disillusioned. Save for a small fraction of those who never saw this coming, having either become so demoralized after Obama’s regime or simply never “got into politics”, there are a great many more of us who did see this coming.  

And, unlike the DC election cycle, we will not forgive what’s been done nor will we simply turn the page of the congressional calendar to make nice or be polite. No, no. Never again will you ever see us do what we did when they got their Obama or even when we got our Trump. We were tolerant and generous. Even those of us who didn’t vote for Obama because we knew he was an anti-colonial thug hoped we might be wrong. Why did we hope we might’ve been wrong? For our beloved country, of course. Sadly, we were right, then and now. It will be those who’ve binge-watched too much House of Cards on Netflix or are so cognitively deficient due to a steady diet of ‘copium’ grass who will be disillusioned by what’s to come next. What the Left has done can never be undone, nor ever be forgiven. No illusion there, either.

As to deplorable to describe Americans: I didn’t like that term when HRC used it in the pejorative and reject it outright to describe the people in the image used for the article. What I see when I look at the people in that image are true Americans who only want what any true American wants for its country—liberty and justice for all; the rule of law; to be respected based on their honorable way of life and feared by those who seek to do us harm. I see a group of people waving more American flags than Trump 2020 or MAGA hats. Not because they don’t support President Trump or hold MAGA above our nation’s symbol of freedom and might, but because Trump was—still is—the only man to fight for and with us against the absolute worst imaginable betrayal and deceit in history. The Democrats, their operatives and lackeys knew they were going to steal the 2020 election long before the wee hours of November 3rd. We knew it, too. This wasn’t a crime of opportunity. It was a crime of opportunists. Yet, the cruel irony is they continued to report on the rallies, flood the segments with polling results and waited until almost the exact same time HRC learned she’d lost 2016, to stop the counting and call the race for the single-most abject failure of a presidential candidate in history, Joe Biden, knowing full-well President Trump won by a landslide.

They stole the election. That will forever be their humiliating legacy.

I get that adopting the term deplorable was to deflect the sting of it the same way many absorbed the blow when Biden called Americans “dregs of society”. President Trump was absolutely correct when he told us the likes of HRC, Biden, etc., were after us and he was just in their way. The fact that two government officials used it in the same breath of being “for the people” proves their contempt for those who see through their masks of treachery.

Again, I’m not dinging on the author or the article—at all. I love the article, but to say “How Trump voters formed an ugly—and accurate—view of America’s ruling regime” is also letting that ugly ruling regime escape accountability for being ugly by insinuating the blame for exposing them on Trump voters. It’s not that we formed this view—we dragged it out into the sunlight to accurately show its deep grimace lines surrounding its snarling upper lip and bare fangs, its dark circles under its soulless eyes, its sunken features of corruption, its forked-tongue, and its bloodlust. This is the most accurate description of America’s ruling regime I could offer. It’s not an opinion, either. Our enemies are loving this! In less time than it took to download the fraudulent votes for Biden, he and his administration has gifted our enemies with their wettest dream ever and downgraded us to no better than Iran or North Korea in its treatment of its people. Especially our law enforcement, our religious leaders and parishioners, our children, our elderly, and all the people who look like or live like the people in the image for the article. The average Americans, who work and worship and pay taxes, care for families or their neighbors out of their threadbare pockets and their full hearts—the Trump voters who formed this country for generations and had the courage to shine for their country and a light on a cancer that was killing it in the hope of destroying the disease of political corruption.

There will be some who subscribe to the very noble belief that forgiveness and mercy is the only way to heal this wound. The world needs people like this to keep those of us who cannot forgive…civil and out of jail. These people are to be admired, but not all of us are this way. I want very much to believe this way again. I don’t have much faith that I ever will, though. I did not reach this place as a result of disillusionment. I’m here the same way many others are here, the lesson learned was fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

We won’t get fooled again.

Thank you for reading. ~MJL