On Having Smiteness

By M. Jane Letty

Personal Narrative Essay/2000 words*5-minute read

“If you want the sympathy of the masses,

you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things.”

~ Adolf Hitler

It is a danger to society to be licensed to break someone from the inside out. In this case, it is medical malfeasance. The below insert/image is all you need, or most can stomach, but to read the manifesto in its entirety you will first have to pay $37.50 to gain exclusive access for a propaganda pamphlet. But, for free, they will release this mental sludge for the shock value and, of course, clickbait:

The majority of Americans–of all races–have had just about enough of this insanity. We’ve been tolerant beyond what should’ve ever been imposed with this nonsense. Only the bottom feeders find this narrative appealing. It’s enough already. There is no race war or white supremacy threat or even a fraction of the civil unrest the media peddles for the political agenda of destroying who we are—human beings. We are all human beings. Not parasites as detailed in G. G. Otto, Der Jude als Weltparasit (Munich: Eher Verlag, 1943), which “On Having Whiteness” by Dr. Donald Moss parallels.

To paraphrase a quote that directly applies to a grifter of this ilk that should compel anyone dishonored by his skill of being able to string together words of such contempt for not only his own race, but ANY race, to outright reject and condemn it:

“Normal people don’t go around mind-fucking other human beings”. But, apparently, Dr. Donald Moss does with the blessings of his medical board(s), his “esteemed” peers, and “prestigious” publishers of journals. Also, be aware that none of these people or associations care that this is unacceptable behavior in a civil society. They line up their white (liberal) power and snort it the same way Sigmund Freud snorted his white powder before writing and publishing similar manifestos.

Pay careful attention to and keep those who are out there going around dehumanizing others away from those who are genuinely trying to help one another recover from this warped ideological savagery. Moss isn’t the only warped head shrink writing and publishing his tantrums, and I am loathe to give him the attention he so desperately seeks, but this kind of recklessness compelled me to speak my own mind—free of shrink wrap. I actually fear for many who, after this narrative campaign intended to cripple society, will seek help from therapists who agree with Moss’s grotesque assessment of human beings who’ve just endured the last year of unrelenting crises.

They’re getting easier to spot with propaganda leaflet droppings like this out there littering the mindscape of stories more deserving about people pushing back against a Marxist-agenda or to put back the pieces of their lives destroyed by tyranny-at-large.

This paper is virtue-signaling propaganda, written by a licensed psychoanalyst known only to an insular following—until now. The literary equivalent of a Tik Tok video on how-to bleach one’s own rectum. Publishing it doesn’t make it remarkable, nor legitimize its argument. Shame on Journal of American Psychoanalytical Association for sponsoring it and PubMed (NIH) for giving it a platform. Shame on anyone who “peer-reviewed” and didn’t condemn it the way some have, or not alertering someone by reporting its similarity to the dangerous rhetoric reminiscent of Adolf Hitler or “Dr.” Louis Farrakhan.

This is the archetype of white supremacy, considering Moss elevates himself above his own race in order to dehumanize an entire race only to embrace his own self-loathing. We get it—he voted for Biden.

It’s pathetic, inflammatory, and intended to diminish the commendable efforts of average Americans who are working hard to heal from the blunt force trauma of realizing there were more like these people among us than many realized, especially in our own government, let alone entrusted with repairing of psychological anguish the likes of these tassel-and-sash-bearing ghouls have inflicted through promoting the narrative for the Leftist agenda. If not for the letters traditionally indicating some level of education that follow some of the names of people who write and think this way—the credential society—this would never pass muster. They could never survive out here in society with the rest of us. They didn’t just endure one manufactured crisis after another—we did—and, given their level of ignorance shown in this instance, we’re the smart ones. You see, the only reason they’re promoting this tripe is because we didn’t take the bait or stoop to their level—or the level they believe us to be.

While they were safe and secure in their predominantly white gated communities or surrounded by other mostly white professors, the rest of us are out here at street-level trying to save our homes/jobs/families, supporting our law enforcement, praying we can save our country from tyranny.

With arrogant pricks like “Dr.” Donald Moss, who needs enemies? The Donald Moss’s of the world have every opportunity to write something that could be restorative after what our country has endured, but instead choose to write divisive nonsense, published by equally reckless venues without consequence.

Surely there’s an ethics board that should review this paper and papers like it to call into question the psychological fitness of those with licenses to practice. Someone writing disturbing subjects like this should not have access to other people’s minds through psychoanalysis. They get away with this because we’ve been too polite, too long. If we don’t push back—WE will be the wimper when we had the right to be the bang! There is no race war. American is not a race. Race-shaming, no matter the race, is exactly how Hitler was able to convince the masses to commit and be complicit in one of the world’s greatest atrocities. What the Left is doing is no different yet has the potential to be worse and beyond similar incomprehension if not stopped in its tracks—right now. They want us to hate ourselves and each other by whatever means—race, religion, sex, politics, mask/vaccination obedience—to justify their failure to develop into decent human beings. The White Liberals want us to war amongst ourselves because they know what’s historically next for them, or for media entertainment, but mostly to enslave all to this warped ideology of theirs–regardless of race. They also believe if they sympathize with others who dehumanize white people or Conservative values, which are not exclusive to any particular race, they will somehow be exempt from retribution by the very people they’ve exploited.

Do not let them divide us according to race or any other Hitleresque narrative that is threatening to dehumanize us just to destroy our country, our society, our way of life just because they failed to achieve or inspire the greatness of being human.

Let me show you how effortless it is for anyone with a grasp of the written language and access to a keyboard to write something with no regard for one sector of humanity, with the safety off, to illustrate—in reverse—what Moss wrote:  

Ignorance, specifically “White Liberal”-type, is a condition one first acquires and then one contracts—a malicious, pernicious, and a Chaos amoeba -like affliction to which “White Liberals” have a particular affinity. The condition is fundamental, spawning attributable traits of believing one’s own echo, in one’s own opinion, and in one’s own reflection. Malevolent White Liberalism declares itself entitled to consume all the oxygen in the room, inflict suffering upon those who disagree or dissent, and molest traditional values, then expect a standing ovation for having insulted the integrity of society-at-large. These delusional, brainwashed sheep indiscriminately eviscerate those who refuse to conform or reject demagoguery or tolerate having their race turned into a pejorative. Once their reach has attached itself to a generation, it proliferates and eventually perforates the heart of a nation, bathing itself in the blood of the born-free, the unborn innocent, and spits on those who fought and died defending their right to be repulsive—yet, also free. Efficient containment encompasses a synthesis of consequences and condemnation through rule of law and Constitutional remedies. Targeted sanctions, censorship of dangerous rhetoric, and forfeiture of laundered funding, which pays for their destruction of social norms and a public conviction of the White Liberal’s idols/masters–the corrupted officials who commit treason-at-will—is the only way to irradicate the disease of White Liberalism and retribution for all whom they’ve disgraced with their profound retardation. When our history of this schism is told, the future generations it will be the White Liberals who will bear the shame of their betrayal of mankind, complicity in the exploitation of race for something as significant as stealing an election for power and to conceal crimes against humanity to the lesser charge of simply being obnoxious and insufferable jackasses, triggered by slogans to encourage American exceptionalism (“great again”), to which White Liberals have contributed nothing, or ignorant and insensitive of historical atrocities—including their own—(“never again”). Meanwhile, the sight of their own American flag or “never forget” to honor 9/11 or the most reviled word to their wax-packed ears, “No” gives them the vapors, resulting in endless on-camera tantrums or genitalia-themed costume marches, or—or—papers like “On Having Whiteness” being written by a washed up, miserable old white man, with a license to practice psychoanalysis and published in academic journals. On having smite-ness, infused as White Liberalism, there is not yet a permanent cure short of a merciless Civil War-style revolution as the only means of cutting the head off this poisonous snake.

See? That wasn’t hard to do. And, I don’t have any fancy letters after my name or an agenda to inflict on anyone—let alone an entire race. What I do have is absolutely no tolerance for this ideology, nor am I one to allow anyone to insult the integrity of my fellow human beings in this way without striking back. I believe these people are sick and twisted and long-past what my gentler people offer through forgiveness or pity. Of course, I don’t naturally believe these people are amoebas or should be treated inhumanly. But, there are people who will take what they’ve written and use it to harm others—mentally or physically. I do believe they should be publicly shunned and humiliated; institutions should lose tax-funded grants; subscribers to these journals or alumni who donate to these institutions should withdraw as a gesture of reprimand. Where’s the letter signed by esteemed psychoanalysts, demanding a public apology, Moss’s revocation of license, condemnation of their own profession’s reputation being reduced to gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe? Additionally, anyone with a license to treat in the field of mental health who believes what this doctor believes should have their ability to practice revoked nor should this be part of any curriculum to indoctrinate future therapists. The world needs more of these kinds of therapists the way it needs another Hitler or Biden. I despise these people who’ve dug up the worst ghosts of the shameful parts of our world history and in so doing, exploit our suffering for their loss, their ego-driven, rapacious insanity. If there was ever any hope of civility from me, personally, after what they’ve done—and continue to do as if ordained—that was lost among the ruins even before 2020. I was born white—not stupid. I do not hate any race. These people expect and exploit the masses to be stupid enough to take whatever they dish out and to not return fire. To a certain extent, there still are (too) many who’ve been so badly broken and will cower to them just for some semblance of normalcy if only to quietly return to life as close to what it was before: the table scraps. But, there are some of us who refuse to capitulate, who will accept nothing less than their absolute annihilation from positions of political power or societal influence. Until that happens, I—and those like me—will continue to push back, speak out, and deny them their blood-lust for ideological omnipotence disguised as a race war.

Fuck All Those Perfect People

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Thank you for reading, and to JB for encouraging me to publish it. ~MJL