Shocking the Jar: Woad Rage

By M. Jane Letty

Political Narrative Essay–3000 words/10 min read

“And this is exactly what I mean by the Shock Doctrine: The systematic raiding of the public sphere in the aftermath of a disaster, when people are too focused on the emergency, on their daily concerns, to protect their interests.”

~ Naomi Klein, Author of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” (2007)

This essay was inspired by the story of what happens if you put 100 red and 100 black ants in a jar, violently shake it, then splay them on the ground is disturbing when comparing it to human behavior. Just not disturbing enough to stop the behavior or it’s often dismissed as just another meme, but it does have a moral. This isn’t the first-time human behavior has been compared to social hymenopterans, (ants, bees, and wasps). And, it won’t be the last.

Finding it curious enough to learn more about what to call this phenomenon-by-comparison and without access to hundreds of ants to conduct an experiment, but plenty of human examples, I concluded through my research that what the ants are doing in the image is instinctive and what we as a society have done or witnessed is behavior similar to Mao’s Struggle Sessions during The Hundred Flowers campaign.

Side-by-side, just as it is in the ant-world, so too it appears is the similar behavior of many in the media, academia, and political world that has revealed the true extent of the great harm they’ve done to us as a society because it is critical to their very existence when presented with an extreme situation, or a crisis. But what’s really happening is we’re acting out their struggle (sessions) for survival.  

Let me explain.

You see, to them, it is a crisis for good things to happen for America. The more people who have an opportunity to achieve better, the less exclusive the elite believe they become. Things like a roaring economy, labor market teeming with jobs, a stock market and GDP at historic highs and unemployment at historic lows is—to them—a threat. An existential threat. A mantra they repeatedly uttered every time the needle moved away from their plan to destroy America before 2016. If we’re doing better, two things happen: we expect better of those elected to keep it that way and we won’t tolerate any excuses for it not continuing. The former means they would have to work, and the latter means they would lose their job. Additionally, something else they feared would happen: We would be restored to our pre-Obama luster with our patriotism, our American spirit, and a revived hope of recovering from the ravages of their punitive policies and twisted ideology aimed at destroying our country for their anti-colonial/communist agenda.

They must keep us from ever (again) getting above the red line I’ve drawn in the graph shown. To do that, they had to take extreme measures. Why? Because for the first time since the Reagan-era we were excelling, we were inspired to be great again—together—as Americans. So, to stop us, they had to do their worst to us.

That’s how great we were and how much greater a threat to them we still are.

Of course, there were quite a few shocking events happening at the same time such as their ridiculous shampeachment to hide their most destructive stunt in history—even worse than 9/11, if you can imagine—they unleashed on us, in succession, a barrage of devastating events designed to weaken our resolve: Rebranding seasonal flu into a pandemic, destroying our roaring economy, gutting the lush job market and small businesses, crippled our children’s socialization skills and violated their right to an education, and last but not least—killed our vulnerable elderly and disabled. We’ll cover those topics in future parts of this series, but I want to start with “Woad Rage”. (Incidentally, Woad is the plant that produces the distinctive blue dye for police uniforms. It’s also the Democrat’s party color.)

When I first saw this meme of the ants, it was at the height of the assault on law enforcement officers and the riots unleashed on them as a way of extending yet another crisis, also manufactured, to save decades of political corruption—on both sides—from being exposed. What I learned about this type of behavior is it’s also known as “worker policing”.

Worker policing is a behavior seen in colonies of social hymenopterans (ants, bees, and wasps) whereby worker females eat or remove eggs that have been laid by other workers rather than those laid by a queen. Worker policing ensures that the offspring of the queen will predominate in the group.” ~Worker policing – Wikipedia

There are plenty of articles explaining how the behavior of the ants can be compared to human behavior such as colonization, hierarchy, productivity, and in this case, preservation under existential threat and sabotage. But, one that I found worth mentioning is The Progressive Hive by Dr. Paul Kengor featured in The American Spectator. Much of the article’s references can be further explored, here. While I’m not nearly as refined as those who write for American Spectator, it was reassuring to see that as history is repeating itself, so too are the great minds to guide us through so we might mitigate the damage to society going forward.

My focus, however, is on how the red ant’s behavior mirrored what the police as the black ant had to endure from many sides. To the astonishment of law-abiding Americans, federal, state, and local politicians, (Democrat governors, mayors, council members, district attorneys) including their own chiefs of police were not only inciting the violence, stoking hatred and mistrust, but stripping them of the ability to protect themselves from the brutal assaults. Equally ignorant, some of the people in the very communities they serve, and live, mocked their pain, turned on them or a blind eye to the cruelty and absolute unfairness.

As if that wasn’t enough, Leftist agenda-agitators imported rabid attackers/crisis actors or criminals, (the very same criminals the police arrested) from local jails and prisons were invited to join in and to quite literally add injury to the insult. It is estimated over 100,000 criminals were granted early release under the guise of the other “crisis”. With masks to hide their identity, they were impossible to recognize in the crowd. Also, at the time they were released many of the same cities were in total lockdown where streets were ghost towns and businesses closed. This was before the first riot, so many of the businesses didn’t anticipate being burned down, looted or otherwise destroyed. In fact, many were preparing to reopen and hoping to recover revenue they’d lost being good citizens helping to “flatten the curve” or not overrun the hospitals.

Also, keep in mind, when states like NY and CA were refused bail-outs for pre-pandemic budget holes they’d dug misappropriating federal funds for ridiculous special interests like “climate change” or welcome baskets of free (to them, tax expense for us) goodies like healthcare, housing, education, legal representation, etc., for illegal aliens, the first services governors like Murphy, (NJ-D), Cuomo (NY-D) and Newsom (CA-D) threatened to lay off were first responders, specifically police and fire—our defenders—against their despotism.

It’s still curious as to how newly released inmates managed to pay for room and board without jobs. Even more curious was how funds from the C.A.R.E.S. Act was potentially distributed, possibly by-proxy through the very riot coordinators peeling off the $600 bonuses tacked on to unemployment stipends. We’ve since learned, many will sell-out their own country for $2000, so it’s not a far-fetched concept. They had to get money from somewhere and from someone for something in return. We may never learn the truth about how they were compensated, but they were paid to do to police officers what they would normally do for free…and for show.

Initially, I had a number of images and links for what the Left unleashed on our law enforcement officers, but couldn’t decide on which one was worse than another. It’s all awful and despicable. Every image or story about it is more shameful than the next. Our fine and brave men and women in Blue will never be the same and those who exacted it, the participants, media, and officials who stood by and let it happen will have a far higher authority to answer to for their actions. But know this, it all happened by direction just as it happened after combat veterans were returning from Vietnam. It was all to drive a narrative to meet an agenda, just as it was then, it is now. Of the approximately 800,000 law enforcement officers in the US, less than 1% does not represent them the way the Left presented them to a rapt audience. As for this writer, I will never forgive the Left for what they’ve done to every police officer and will be forever grateful they continued to put their safety on the line for the hundreds of millions of citizens who respect and appreciate their unwavering dedication to our safety and all it has and will cost them to continue to honor their oath.

The Biden campaign began building this narrative in October 2019, shortly after the Sanders campaign failed to get the boost for it for his poll ratings. Both campaigns were taking turns bashing cops, complete with scripted questions from audience members to inject the narrative into the bloodstream to roll out one of their most hateful and destructive to society hoaxes—George Floyd.

Yes, that entire ruse was something that was in the works long before we were shocked with it. All along many, myself included, have said this isn’t what it appears. And, as I write, their narrative is imploding in the courtroom. To distract, they’ve launched a series of other narratives to work into a robust froth, the paid crisis actors and sheeple to react and thugs to turn on the police—again. But, this time there’s a problem. One they can’t overcome. Reality. When they first shocked the nation, they actually had both sides on the same side. Most Americans, and 99% of the law enforcement community, were stunned and appalled to see a man with an officer’s knee on his neck. Most of us didn’t see a black man and a white cop. We saw the wrong being done by one human being to another human being. But, the riots and the brutality unleashed on our police officers—officers who were not involved—was planned long beforehand and gratuitously, violently, acted out and decent people saw through what was happening.

A narrative.

A political narrative. One that would rip open old wounds that by all accounts healed for a majority of Americans. But one that was an old standby for the Democrats who drag this trope out whenever they know they’re losing an election.  Burdened by loser candidates on loser platforms and their temper tantrums since 2016, this was their ticket. Their ticket to watch, from the safety of their offices and studios, all of us tear one another apart while ripping apart our defenders, our heroes, exactly the way they did the Vietnam vets when these same politicians were just as morally repugnant, then, but younger.

They even made sure we would be locked-down in our homes, many glued to the television or cell phones, to watch in real time what they think of our way of life, the values we honor and uphold. That’s what level of sadistic spawn they are. Never forget what they’ve done and never let them forget it, either. Even when retired Captain David Dorn was murdered in cold-blood by Black Lives Matter thugs, they lacked a conscience to override this madness and call an end to the violence they incited. That’s when it became clear to us all, this was how they would exact the dehumanization of not only law enforcement officers, but anyone who rejected their depravity.


Metaphorically, what they did was, they scooped up 100 black and red “ants”, dropped us in a jar, and violently shook it before dumping us out on the ground knowing we would do exactly as we have done. The police took the full brunt, though. We’re just in the struggle session part with them. And, with what they’ve set in motion, we’ll always be in a struggle session long after these hustlers have died and no longer around to be held accountable. Just like Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, etc. They saw what happened to Muammar Gaddafi, (Warning: Graphic video of a dictator being held accountable for tyranny by his citizens). They are right to be terrified of that fate and they are that terrible to do what they’ve done to avoid it.

These coordinated attacks happened only in multiple Democrat-run cities in multiple Democrat-led states, if not simultaneously, in a rolling fashion so if one riot was winding down or not awful enough, a fresh one would be made available for the media to cover. We have among us some of the vilest monsters. Anyone who could watch what was done to our law enforcement officers and not be horrified and outraged is also a monster and should be avoided, including any company or organization that supported Black Lives Matter or those who didn’t step up and defend the police.

With the exception of the occasional flare-up after someone resists arrests, brandishes a weapon, and is shot and killed as a matter of practical policy, the mulit-city assaultapalooza on law enforcement is effectively over.

For now.

It was, however, shocking, but not the first time for what this country put our heroes, their families, and those who care about them through this past year. While it was more than any one group should have ever been put through, it wasn’t the first time. The Left has been pulling this political stunt for decades. The 60s is when this grudge started and those who are aging fast, (and not well) have chosen to make a legacy of their hatred of American values. They might make the best of the crises they create, but they’re not very original.

Which brings me to another theory I have about how the Left knew this was going to happen before they rolled it out.

Approximately one-year to the day of the second lockdown orders—the one just as we were about to reopen and get back to work and school and the business of cleaning up the ruins they’ve left to us. Something happened, at the time, that didn’t occur to me. April 2019, before the lockdowns and Floyd riots, many states, including mine, recruited on a statewide level for police officers. The standards were lowered to allow those who barely passed the civil service exams to apply and nearly all were accepted into the police academy. Here’s where it gets even more interesting, (and in line with the rest of this essay) the departments were in cities with high-crime statistics and significant minority populations, also all in Democrat-led cities and states.

Everyone who attended, passed the academy. Some who should’ve and some who shouldn’t have. Looking back, after the way governors used police as both enforcers of their unconstitutional lockdown orders and riot shields, and especially the 2020 riots, it was clear to anyone who was paying any attention, an unintended consequence of the assault on law enforcement and defunding, the intended result happened. The ignorant and vicious anti-police activists, with the corrupt and rapacious elected officials wringing their hands, would successfully rid departments of having to pay out hard-earned pensions to avoid discovering they’d misappropriated those funds. But, worse, they forced-by-proxy the early retirement and (involuntary) resignation of the percentage of good police officers to install younger and less traditional-minded men and women to replace them. They can’t impose their agenda on the ones who would uphold the US Constitution and would deal with the criminals the Left is coddling—and courting, pandering to—as criminals. Law and order. The “new breed” of officers is now a mix of (too) many who will do as they’re ordered, asking no questions and only know what the instructors taught them about the US Constitution. Drones. The few who will try in earnest to become the police officer they dreamed of since childhood will be stripped of their ideals, sense of pride, and their faith in American exceptionalism. That’s what the Left wants in order to install their Communist-agenda that favors the criminals and violates the rights of law-abiding citizens. Eventually, the young men and women who will not conform to the Left’s ideology, they will also either be pushed out or resign.

That’s if they’re lucky enough not to be disabled by injury or killed while in the line of duty. There’s also the other unfortunate possibility of being the unlucky officer on duty when a corrupt politician needs and equally corrupt DA, or both, need to incite a riot, so a pre-settlement agreement with a minority family to agitate their mentally challenged son to act up and in the process, resists arrest, and then—as a matter of practical policy—is shot and killed in the commission of assaulting a police officer–which is still a crime. (But, under the Biden/Harris Administration, likely not for long.) Then, said corrupt DA will sit back and watch the media do their part, the White Liberal sheep, celebrities, corporations, and thugs do their parts, until getting the case on the docket to rile up the masses and make a great show of paying the family for their part, and he or she will continue to get reelected and this cycle will repeat itself when politically expedient. I’m not wrong. I’m just floating what many are either just realizing or have known for a long, long time. I’ve said it many times, the Left will not be satisfied until they recreate the 1992 LA riots, nationwide.

The reasons why the Democrats, (and some Republicans) incited, inflicted, and allowed such a brutal assault and the dehumanization of police officers really comes down to one thing—they were losing the race war they’d started just before the Vietnam War, which we’ll cover in part two of this essay series. They couldn’t use the military, again, the way they did when the combat vets were returning. Instead, focus is on how this assault on the LEOs takes from the black community another thing the Left has historically destroyed—father figures that raise up their young black sons. A task LEOs have been taking up since the Vietnam War took out many who might’ve been good fathers. We’ll never know, sadly, and this time they’ve made sure of it.

Only one year ago, rookie cops hadn’t even yet completed their orientation training when the cop-hating riots broke out across the nation and the job, only week’s earlier they were proudly being sworn in and reciting the following:

Law Enforcement Oath of Honor

On my honor, I will never betray my integrity,

my character, or the public trust.

I will treat all individuals with dignity and respect

and ensure that my actions are dedicated

to ensuring the safety of my community

and the preservation of human life.

I will always have the courage to hold myself

and others accountable for our actions.

I will always maintain the highest ethical standards

and uphold the values of my community,

and the agency I serve.

I realize my views are not the same as someone who has experienced police brutality or unfair rulings based on racial prejudices. Nor am I naïve. I understand and am compassionate and believe all people, regardless of race/creed/religion, etc., are to be treated fairly—under the law and God—no exceptions.  But at some point, we’re going to have to agree that the response to what “one bad cop” did was grossly out of proportion, appeared scripted, and was done solely for shock value, political narrative, and had nothing to do with racial justice, systemic racism, rampant police brutality, or even police reform. We missed a critical opportunity to come together and realize how many more of us agree what was done to George Floyd—whether actual or a performance—was wrong. Either way, it was wrong if it actually happened or was done to incite racial tensions. It doesn’t even matter he was an ex-convict or drug addict, committed a crime and resisted arrest. It does matter, however, that in the aftermath the Left exploited us all for political gain. They wanted some to become racist and they’ll get that. But, what they really want is for us to continue their legacy of “Woad Rage”, division, and hate. They’ll get that, too.

We have the power, and the majority, to turn this around, but not in this generation and possibly not the next. We had a chance, and they stole that…too. There will be a reckoning. Not right away, but when it does come that’s when the truth about what happened, how it happened, and who instigated, choreographed, authorized, and financed it will be right on par with what our country did to combat veterans returning from Vietnam.


This is the conclusion of Shocking the Jar: Woad Rage, Part I of a series. Part II, Shocking the Jar: The Spitting Image, will be uploaded this week. Please bookmark or sign up to be notified via email when the next installment is available. Thank you for reading and sharing. Your feedback is always welcome. ~MJL