Both Tides Now

By M. Jane Letty

Grafted Lyrics/300 words*2-minute read

If you’re not familiar with Joni Mitchell’s song “Both Sides Now”, it is highly recommended that you listen to it for this and during reading. I’ve grafted from the lyrics as inspiration. All due credit to the original artist and her lyrics available here for your convenience.

Friends turned foes, beyond repair

And misguided rage and dark despair

And founder’s cannons cold from lack of care

I’ve looked at where we’re bound that way


But now they’ve dug a treacherous moat

They’ve left a stain and took a toll on everyone

So many good things, together, we could’ve done

But elitist greed got in our way


I’ve watched the Swamp churn both tides now

From Left and Right, and still shot across the bow

It’s the united we stand, divided we fall illusion I’ll recall

I really don’t know the Rubicon at all


Corrupted trade and war not peace deals

They trafficked sex and faith, the vote to steal

As every theory soon comes real

I’ll forever look at them this way


But now another Congress all for show

We’ll leave ‘em reeling, in the know

And if made threadbare, (again) don’t you eat their crow

Don’t give your inalienable rights away


I’ve witnessed hate from both tides now

From bended knee defiled, capitulated bow

It’s their dehumanizing free-for-all that I’ll recall

I really wouldn’t trust them, not at all


Jeers and cheers, both violently proud

To say “I hate you” right out loud

Riots and schemes, to feed the frenzy of the crowds

I’ve looked at manufactured strife that way


Oh! But now dictator ghosts will run free-range

They’ll wring their hands, it’s all arranged

Well, if freedom’s lost but nothing’s pained

In its dying everyday


I’ve looked at betrayal from both tides now

From a stolen win, all will lose from hearth to plough

It’s hope’s illusions I recall

I really don’t know how they sleep at all


I’ve looked at our history from both tides now

From combat veteran sacrifice to keep us free and still not how

It’s what we once were and might’ve been is what we’ll recall

I really don’t know how we could’ve won and lost it all

© Mortar & Ivy/M. Jane Letty 2021