Johnny’s Appleseed

By M. Jane Letty

NJEA put out a statement May 28, 2020. My response, below their remarks.

NJEA: “Like so many Americans, we have experienced waves of emotion this week following the brutal murder of yet another African-American man, George Floyd. It is impossible to see the video of him being strangled under the knee of a police officer in broad daylight on a public street and not be disgusted, horrified, angry, sad, and determined to work even harder to oppose and overcome racial injustice in our society.

MJL: Like so many Americans, we have experienced waves of astonishment this week following the brazen hostility toward approximately 686,665 for the act of four—1, with 3 bystander—Police Officers in a state far and away from New Jersey. Yet, here we are, with a “statement” from one of the most corrupt organizations, the NJEA (New Jersey Education Association). The arrogance of this statement is stunning in its duplicity. This is nothing more than a STRIKE NEGOTIATION TACTIC, on the backs of our children…because the backs of the fine, upstanding law enforcement members of our community was just a steppingstone.

It is impossible for a reasonable parent and/or taxpayer in New Jersey to see this for what it is not to be disgusted, horrified, angry, sad, and determined to vote even harder to oppose and overcome educational extortion in our school system, after reading this assumption that their warped views are widely held. Do not be fooled, they wrote this with the same aggression and disdain they harbor against our children. It should outrage every single one of us that through this tragic circumstance we all find ourselves in with a hysterical and inflated (very bad) flu season, a roaring economy halted, shuttered opportunities, wide-spread civil unrest, all happening during an election year.

It should also come as no surprise. This is what Leftist operatives disguised as dues-paying teachers have been teaching for generations. Quietly laying Marxist-eggs that have seemingly hatched all at once, voraciously devouring American values, defacing historical, military, and religious monuments or public property, violently attacking authority figures such as police officers and senior citizens. All, literally at our expense. But, this is what teachers and their union offer. Unbelievable. Now, with this statement, they expect us to fold ourselves over a barrel so they can beat us with our own belts. This “statement” might appeal to some small population of former students of these teachers or those who are part of this scam. But, to the rest of us—the majority of us–this is the kind of statement that should be a declaration of war. This statement is threat to the very health and well-being of every child, wholly.

NJEA: “And the greatest scandal is not just how brutal and horrific that murder was, but how commonplace and unsurprising racist violence like that is in America. This nation was founded on a white supremacist ideology that used genocide and slavery to oppress indigenous people and loot their land. It was built by kidnapping and enslaving African people to work that stolen land under the most inhumane and cruel conditions imaginable. And it is not in the past. That history traces through five centuries of atrocities to today. George Floyd’s murder is despicable, but it is tragically unexceptional. That cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged.

MJL: And the greatest scandal is not just how brutal and horrific the refusal to educate our children is, but how commonplace and unsurprising radicalized the violence these teachers have revealed themselves to be across America. This nation, they would have you believe with this statement, was “founded on white supremacy” all while openly admitting they, themselves are doing exactly what they accuse through their deranged ideology that is using intellectual-genocide and knowledge-slavery to oppress indebted-through-taxation people to loot their children’s education.

The (other) greatest scandal of this statement is, NJEA is making clear to the teachers who do not comply are no longer welcome. They are being covertly dismissed from your child’s classroom so to make room for Marxist-trained teachers who will do great harm, willingly and with no conscience.

NJEA: “As educators, we bear a great responsibility for shaping society. We have the unique privilege of working with children and young people as they are forming their values and world view. We also have the great responsibility of responding with compassion, courage and conviction as they witness history in real time, as they have been this past week. And more importantly yet, we have a duty and responsibility to work for a better, fairer and more just world for our students to inherit from us.

MJL: As educators, they’ve exploited the great responsibility parents extended. That’s abuse of authority. This statement, alone, under better government, would be grounds for sanctions prior to dismissal. But, they’ve dug in pretty deep over the decades…generations. It won’t be easy to exterminate this infestation.

They actually believe they’ve got you, and by proxy your children, at their mercy. And, if you buck their system or decide to use this crisis they’ve created as an opportunity to take back your rightful place as the parent by not returning them and instead opting for private school or homeschool, they will label you as a racist. That’s right—this statement is calling you a racist if you don’t agree with them or have an opposing view by recognizing the actions of a few bad cops does not mean “ACAB” or go along with their dehumanization of police officers or…white people.

And, if you find that insulting and offensive, they will step up existing practices of torture toward any child who either resists “white guilt” injections through humiliation tactics in class, ostracization and these teachers will look the other way while your child is physically abused by those who will attack them on command. If you don’t believe me, call the NJEA or the principal at your child’s school and ask them their intentions. If they don’t answer or you feel the thud in your gut that something isn’t right about this, satisfy your curiosity of what a day at school will be for your child by turning on the news. Better yet, if you are blessed enough to know a police officer or his/her spouse, ask them what life has been like for their children since this pseudo-campaign for Joe Biden was unleashed. They’ll tell you, it’s been a nightmare. Before this, they were considered friends of the community, their children were treated like human beings. Now, through a statement like this, they’ve been dehumanized, deemed racist, shunned and betrayed.

The bully is the teacher and the union, NJEA, is condoning it with a statement like this. There’s an adage about when people tell you who they are the first time, believe them. They’ve been telling us this for decades. So have many parents who’ve been fighting this infestation…and we could sure use your help, now. We did what we had to do for our own children. We’re willing to help you fight to save your children, now. You must gather and demand of your districts to strip tenure and eliminate unions. You must fill every school board meeting and protest until they agree to do what your tax dollars were sold to you as paying for because it’s not what you think it was and this is your proof. This is also your only chance. After this, if you let it pass by, you will live to regret it.  

Their fear is palpable because they may very well lose the “required by law” exposure of children to these radical-extremist view of the society and destruction of values they claim to be honored to bend, distort the shape of YOUR CHILDREN’S MINDS.

Teachers DO NOT have a duty to “work for a better, fairer and more just world for our students to inherit from us.” Also, notice they don’t refer to YOUR CHILDREN, they use “our students” as if they are the authority…over you, the parent. But, back to their “duty”. They have a “duty” to teach your children according to a static curriculum what they need to learn to develop a knowledge of language arts, arithmetic, history (unrevised to suit an ideology/philosophy), biology, time/task management skills and physical ed. That’s it. Nothing more or beyond what you, the parent, are aware of or allow.

Instead, what this statement is portending is they are the arbiter of the way your child’s “world view” will be to serve their agenda, to drive their narrative, and they’re daring you to say otherwise.

NJEA: “NJEA has long taken that duty very seriously and we have consciously made it a core part of our mission to advocate for members, students and public schools. In recent years, we have pushed hard for the full implementation of the Amistad Curriculum in our schools so that the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade is never forgotten, glossed over or disregarded. We have worked to create a new program called the Amistad Journey to help educators experience some of the important historical sites related to slavery and gain a deeper appreciation for the ways that evil institution shaped and still shapes our society. And we have committed to providing anti-racist training to NJEA staff and leaders to help infuse anti-racism as a fundamental value throughout all the work our union does.

MJL: “We’ve long-suspected the NJEAs “core mission” has always been to dismantle the curriculum they’ve failed to provide by ignoring it and doing as they saw fit, unauthorized and in direct defiance of you, the parent.

Instead of extending themselves as partners in the effort toward returning things to normal as possible for you—their ultimate authority—and your children, your ultimate responsibility, they’ve decided this is the most perfect moment to STRIKE. Part of their “negotiation tactics” is to dare you to push back on the damage of a curriculum they’ve been indoctrinating without your presence at board meetings and with your consent through deception during election seasons.

According to an Education Week article, “A teacher strike—an organized refusal to work that can cause public schools to close indefinitely—can throw a school, district, or even an entire state into turmoil.”

Additionally, here’s the “curriculum” that’s caused a lot of the problems you might’ve been having with your children and many of us were able to prevent until they circumvented it or wore you down. The evidence we’re all witnessing, nightly, on television or when engaging young adults who’ve been affected, (damaged by).

This “curriculum” is garbage. Absolute garbage. You have a right to request a copy of your child’s curriculum and, given this statement, you should. The above links are just a little snapshot, which might explain some of the illiteracy and confusion your children or their friends or the one’s you see rioting, doing “Rock Your Shit” (if you don’t buy in on “Black Lives Matter” Tik Tok videos exhibit. It will do nothing to give your child the opportunities that are merit-based. It’s also low-effort, which is another thing NJEA teachers favor. They don’t have to put any effort into teaching history. They can just set the timer and in twenty years, your world will look like our collective world does, today. The only difference, if you’re lucky and your child survives the devastating reality of having been duped, your children might end up epic failures like the one’s put out by the very teachers who subscribe to this statement and this indoctrination-fueled curriculum.

New Jersey ranks high on the education scale, but low on opportunity. Much of this is because Real Estate and Taxes dictate revenue. If the schools are touted as “excellent” people buy Real Estate and pay the extortion-level taxes to live where they believe their children will get a good education. That racket has been going on since the 70s. Now, the priority is to give free education, (primary and higher) healthcare, housing, etc., to minorities and illegal aliens in an effort to establish their agenda, remain in power, and “level” the field…while mowing down YOUR CHILD’s intellectual and educational rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Since they didn’t teach your children, and you’re going to have to accept you might not have been paying attention in this “class war”, instead of owning up to their failure they would rather lower the standards and pull your children down so other’s don’t feel they must compete or perform better.

Personal experience, to prove to you I am speaking from the perspective of a parent who recognized this for what it was early in its inception. As a young mother, I noticed my child’s 2nd grade reading book was “color-coded”, not grade-level, and it appeared very low level knowing my child’s reading ability. I requested a meeting after the teacher refused to answer my written inquiry of what grade-level was “red”. She resisted answering in the meeting until I said that if I didn’t get an answer I would take it up with the school board at the next meeting and air other concerns, not only my own, but would bring other parents…and the media. Also, that if brought to it, I would make it a hobby to write articles. Lots and lots of articles about all things wrong with this “great school district”. Yes, there is so much more behind this, but that’s for a future essay and not on topic. I just wanted you to know how long they’ve been at this game.)

The answer came up like a barbed-wire hairball. Red was the lowest reading level for the class and was being used so not to make those who struggled, feel bad. I was furious. Furious enough to take it to the school board and demand a review of this policy. I also had my child independently evaluated for the correct level and demanded it be provided. It was, but they managed to throw the weight of authority over me by threatening social services intervention or “special ed”. I opted the path of least resistance until I could secure a better footing, was like a hawk with my child in the system until removal and intermittently homeschooled when they tripped the wire of the perimeter I’d set for them. (I also removed my children when the health courses started toward normalizing deviance. As you can see, they won that battle, but not with my children. It was my child’s choice to remain in school, the state has broad powers and I did not want to see my child fall victim for my stubbornness to conform. All worked out, very well, but it was a dog-fight the entire way.)

NJEA: “But we know that much, much more is needed. This week, NJEA will be announcing creation of a member-centered initiative explicitly devoted to doing anti-racist work in our classrooms, our communities and our union. All members wishing to engage in that work will be welcomed and encouraged to join. It is not enough to express our disgust and point to our past efforts.  We must take assertive action to identify, acknowledge and break down oppressive racist systems that harm our members, stifle our students and corrode our communities.

MJL: This is Marxism disguised as public education. Marxism can easily be summed up, as follows: “—it matters less if you are right than if you are first to cross-pollinate.” Karl Marx confirms this deduction in this way: “Just as it is not religion which creates man, but man who creates religion, so it is not the constitution which creates the people, but the people which creates the constitution.” Marx’s ideology was so broad stroking for such a limited division of just two classes, but culturally, for the time and in a timeless sense, has become both the alpha and the omega for those who wish to define and confine the masses. Nearly every culture relies upon a “tier” system measured by a “have vs. have not” yardstick. If Marxism is to be considered “the god that failed”, it does what any venture does—it runs up its debts, files bankruptcy, dumps its devotees, reinvents itself under a new name for a tired cause, and riles up a new base, trying to push an agenda that might feel good, at first, but makes no sense and epically fails in the end. Lather, rinse, repeat.  

Karl Marx was a hustler.

NJEA: “We must let our decisive, unapologetic action speak more loudly than any statement can.

MJL: You’re in for a “family dog in a dog-fight with rabid Marxist-trained pit bulls” battle. I don’t envy you and pray you’re up to it. You will have to get “up to it”—and fast. These teachers and their unions are out for blood and they’re using this “virus” to their advantage. It won’t be easy, but your children will thank you for fighting for them against this raid on their education and, possibly their survival. Not every child will survive this assault. Many will find it unbearable. If law enforcement morale is low, just imagine a child being deemed a racist K-12 or so twisted by this diabolical plan they decide they can’t tolerate another day.

The NJEA and the teachers joining this scam are using this mult-faceted crisis in our state and nation to have a strike for more money, easier workload, better-than-yours benefits, but above all—to drive a narrative and push an agenda. One they’ve been loyal to for decades. They’re demanding more money, installing BLM’s agenda, and a defunding of the police. What does that have to do with the education of your children? As to the money, they didn’t have to hope for unemployment to get you through the lockdown. Taxpayers paid their tenure-secured, union-sanctioned jobs. They’re getting paid while they do this ‘strike’ at our expense. But, this statement of theirs is a grotesque union tactic to enter negotiation talks. Nothing less or more. You and your children mean nothing to them with a statement like this. And, you’re racist scum if you disagree. You MUST fight them back, put them in their place, now, or perish.

Not every teacher is as I’ve described above. Sadly, the position NJEA has taken is to generalize by assuming their view is shared and they’ve generalized. So, my response was a mirror for impact. There are many who do care and do teach, and they are to be praised and recognized. We were fortunate to be able to count on one hand those who are/were the exception, not the rule. Sadly, they are also falling victim to “cancel culture” and the Marxist agenda. Reach out to them and let them know you appreciate them, support them. This response is not in any way directed toward them. It is directed at the enemy of your children and the future they seek to destroy for us all…unapologetically.

*In a future essay on this topic, we’re gonna start here: A good friend/editor sent this to me. I was in tears because in less than ten minutes, confirmation of the pack of dogs I was fighting were real and just as nasty as I accused…and exposed.

*Please, if you click any link, let it be this one. It was at the height of my “resisting”.


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