Essays about the creeping vine-like thoughts and clinging moments that sink their teeth into the mortar of my mind’s walls. Before the invasive roots of madness take over, here’s a record of the ascension to give it purpose, meaning, and an indelible haunt. They will be in no particular order, there won’t be any particular theme. Just random climbing expressions, arguments, some old college papers, (some political or related to study); current events opinions, (also, some political or related to interest); letters (sent and yet/never to be sent) that turned into essays, or markers along this journey for you to scale with me and, hopefully, be moved. If unapologetic, explicit topics of a literary bent, with some humor to balance those humbling experiences of life’s gains and losses through raw topics about courage of thought and intimacy of mind is your thing, great!

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. Enjoy! ~M. Jane Letty